If you're having a bad day, I suggest putting some Kimchi on it!

My Story

Greetings to you, whom has found me here!

I am grateful for you supporting my teaching endeavor as well as any and all creations I have an abundance of to offer up in this space.

A brief history about myself:
I started my love affair with Fermentation as a means to heal myself from a long slew of health issues I was suffering from back in 2011.

Western medicine demanded that I follow a life long pharmacological protocol to manage my health symptoms, I decided it was in my best interest to take a different approach.

Through some tough disciplinary life style changes and deep nutritive healing foods, I have been able to successfully maintain my health with some Eastern medicine guidance and support.

I started offering health and wellness workshops, focusing on food preservation to the community back in 2017. 

I've had the opportunity to lead over 100 workshops for various groups, schools and organizations throughout my home state of Florida.

It is an honor to incorporate my personal wellness journey and love for delicious, nutritious food into my daily life, teachings and creations to share with you and the rest of the planet. 

I hope you will leave our encounter whether it be in the classroom or from this webspace with something of value that YOU can utilize on your own wellness venture. 

If there is a way I can help support you, please let me know!

Much Love,
Jillian ~ The Ferment Lady