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Homestead Dairy Abundance Workshop


Do you have an abundance of Goat, Sheep or Cow milk and unsure of what to do with it all?

Come join me for a discussion and hands on learning opportunity, together we will go over how to make a raw dairy Farmers Cheese, a Goat Chevre, and a simple style...easy Mozzarella!

We will also be covering cultured raw milk Kefir, Yogurt and what to do with all of that left over whey! Whey is liquid gold and should not be wasted!

Each person attending will take home a Kefir and Yogurt culture and the knowledge on how to prepare all of the cheeses mentioned above.
It is recommended to bring a notebook or recording device, we will be covering a lot of information.

In person workshop fee: $65 per person or $100 for couples/pairs
Discount code *SAYCHEESE* at checkout.

Class length 2.5 hrs
*Pre-registration is required to ensure a space.