If you're having a bad day, I suggest putting some Kimchi on it!

Intro to Fermentation Workshop


Fermenting food is a wonderful way to preserve an abundance of seasonally grown vegetables, while increasing nutritional value and helping your gut maintain a healthy living microflora.

We will discuss what Fermentation is and how it can be successfully utilized here in our tropical/warm Florida climate.

Turning cabbage into Sauerkraut or Kimchi, brewing various kinds of tea into Kombucha, dairy into digestible Kefir or Yogurt...the possibilities are endless with a little touch of creativity and some kitchen magic.
This workshop is for all skill levels, from the curiously interested to the well seasoned Fermenter. There will be something for everyone.

A notebook is strongly recommended, I have over a decades worth of tips and tricks to share.

We will be making sauerkraut together and each person will take their own jar home to enjoy.

Workshop Fee: $45 per person or $65 for couples
**Apply the word "COUPLE" (all CAPS) at checkout**