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Kombucha Workshop


This workshop is for anyone interested in learning how to get started brewing their own Kombucha, or anyone who would like to know how to take their home brew to the next level.

Kombucha is a process of fermenting various teas into a more nutrient dense, vitamin, mineral and probiotic rich, fizzy beverage.

A process you may have heard your Grandparents speak of.

We will discuss how the brewing process works, how to care for and maintain your Scoby culture as well as what to do after the initial brew cycle is completed.
Think flavoring, carbonation and bottle conditioning for longer storage.

This class is lecture based, with lots of information and technique/tips to share and we will finish with various finished brews to sample.

Each attendant will also take home a live culture with instructions to get started.

$45 per person or $70 for pairs/couples.
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