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Sourdough Workshop


An in person discussion on how to start and care for your own Sourdough Culture.

Together we will explore how to start your own cultures with a few different methods, mainly focusing on the Wild Yeast method.
We will discuss tips and tricks to ensure a good longevity of your culture as well as what to do when things look like they are going wrong. Florida fail proof!

I will also be covering how to use the discard and sharing some recipes of things I make with it in my own kitchen.
Crackers, pancakes, flat breads.. the easy baking stuff.

I am not a baker but a culture maker!

We will all prepare a basic sourdough starter together in the class, each person attending will take some home.

A notebook or recording device is strongly recommended we will cover a lot of information.

In person workshop fee: $45 per person
Class length 2hrs
*Pre-registration is required to ensure a space.